Supermarket SMAK Pomorie was open in May, 2016 and is managed by the company Aristidov Trade OOD, EIK: 202983512. Behind that grocery store there are people (actually it’s a family – Aristidovi) who have been running that kind of business for more than 25 years.

Our first grocery store was the Mini-market Aristidov, which opened as the second private food store in Pomorie. This happened at the beginning of the distant 1992. For us it was and still is a family business – closely related to the customer’s opinion and satisfaction. Since then, we have gained tremendous experience and understanding about customers’ needs and preferences – who are our neighbors, friends, relatives and fellow citizens.

We are aware that without you our family business would not survive and we thank you for your trust! That’s why we rely on your loyalty and support for the little business. We will do what is needed to please your wishes and needs and we will do better and better!

We believe in behaving and treating our clients the way we would like us to be treated with. That’s why we offer a variety of fresh and up-to-date products, quality service and all this at good prices – plus our friendly attitude!

It is no accident that our life motto is: “Attitude is a little thing with big importance.”

We promise that we will continue to offer quality products at the best possible prices along with perfect customer service!

We will be extremely grateful if you have any recommendations or critics to contact us directly! We guarantee that your opinion will be taken seriously !!!

Harry Aristidov – Tel .: +359 899 957 602 | Georgi Aristidov – Tel .: +359 898 650 949